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Naming a Business, Product or Service

If you are launching a new product, service or business, chances are you have thought about giving it a name. Choosing a relevant name can sometimes be a difficult and time-consuming exercise. It is critical to choose a name that adds value to your business/service/product, a poor naming strategy can negatively impact your offering.

At, we develop names for products, services and businesses for clients in a wide range of industries. We combine creativity with strategy through a methodology that begins by defining the criteria that drive name development. The methodology adopted by our experienced team will ensure that only original, relevant & non-trademarked names are recommended.

Domain Name Acquisition

Over sixty million domain names have already been registered worldwide & it is no secret that almost all the good ones are already taken. It is extremely difficult to find an unregistered name that you can use in your business. can investigate and negotiate on your behalf (anonymously) to acquire domain names for you and the cost of acquisition can be kept to a minimum, as we will not reveal your identity to the domain name registrant. Our experience in the domain business and intricate understanding of pricing, registrar issues, escrow & transfer process, will make third-party domain acquisition simpler than it seems.

Corporate Domain Management is a leading provider of corporate domain name management services and solutions that allow organizations to successfully manage or remove risks, reduce costs and protect valuable Intellectual Property assets on the Internet. Our corporate services include:

  • Organizing your domain portfolio for ease of maintenance
  • Provide ongoing DNR management services
  • Develop your online digital brand strategy
  • Protect all of your domains securely and safe from deletion, hijacking, and misuse
  • Keep your online brand identity prominent and visible with a reliable domain name registration strategy
  • Third-party domain name acquisition service
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